My name is Sapphire. My favourite place is Blackpool when I go with my favourite people the cadets.I love different types of music and my hobbies are cadets trampolining and sleeping:)I got into Writing all Wrongs when my mentor asked if I wanted to do it so I said yep:) (I’m glad I did).The rehearsals were all amazing especially with Marks performances :) and Jeni never shouted:) LIPA was just a big building you could run around in and the rooms were all amazing. The museum was the best because it was our first and no one messed up. The youth clubs where good too. I liked them because I got to play footie with the lads (I love footie an lads;P).I did not like the lantern because every one was crying because Jeni had her last DOTS gig there an me an Alex felt dead guilty because for some reason we couldn’t cry. Any way I LOVE the group it is now a family with Mamma J in charge love you all. Peace an love c u soon.  xxxxx