Hi, I'm Alexandra, I'm 15 years old and a member of the Freedom Writers drama group. I love my drama family, all of my friends. Performing arts is probably the most amazing thing that I do. In my spare time I am usually, in drama, singing, playing my guitar or out with my friends. I got involved in Freedom Writers, Writing all Wrongs, because in my last drama group L8 perform our drama teacher Jeni who is also our teacher for Freedom Writers told us about the group & I knew that most people from L8 would be going, so I decided to go, because these people are too amazing to leave. I really enjoyed the rehearsals at LIPA! I loved the atmosphere and the inspiration that I had in there, I have always wanted to go to LIPA for university to study performing arts& music, but being able to have the opportunity to actually be in their and doing what I want to do in the future was great for me personally. One of the things that I most enjoyed about this project was learning about other people, life & having the challenge to express how the people must have felt& what they went through, showing their emotions without actually knowing the people personally. We all learnt a lot of skills and built up our confidence to perform as individuals. The Writing all Wrongs performances where brilliant. Each performance we all got stronger & stronger. Some performances that we did didn't always go as we had planned, but we all still gave it our all & made it a great show for the audience. My personal favourite performance was in the lantern theatre, we all did great on our individual monologues and we had really good feedback from the audience members, bringing some people to tears. I am so happy that I went to Writing all Wrongs, the experiences I've had, the fun and the people I have met are like my family, I'm so proud of all of our hard work & how the show turned out, all thanks to our amazing teachers Jeni and Caroline. Writing all Wrongs was truly fab.