Hi. My name is Rebecca I’ve just turned 14 years old, and I love music. Music is another world for me. It’s been an important thing in my life basically since I was born. My family is very musical, so I think that’s where I got my love for piano and singing. Other than singing I love acting. I love it because I can be whoever I want to be without anybody judging me because I’m playing a different character.  I’ve been acting since I was about ten or eleven. In the early days I performed small plays in my primary school. And then as I got older I started performing outside of my school. I performed in a Christmas pantomime “Jack and the Beanstalk” in a theatre company when I was about twelve, and then I joined a new project when I was thirteen which was called Love Hurts and that’s where I met Jeni; One of the mentors for Writing All Wrongs. Love Hurts was when I started properly performing in theatres across Liverpool. It boosted my confidence to perform to a large audience. After Love Hurts had ended we all parted, but my mum (Caroline) had devised a new project WAW (Writing All Wrongs). Some people from the old production came back to this new one. First of all we started rehearsing in LIPA (Liverpool’s Institution of Performing Arts). It was a pleasure because I’ve always wanted to go there. I’d been to LIPA in the past, but for WAW we were going there weekly; which for me was very exciting.In rehearsals we were learning our monologues, which were made by my mum but based on some entries from The Freedom Writers Dairy. We recited our monologues every week. And by the end of the rehearsals we all knew them off by heart. When it was time to perform we were all really nervous. Because after weeks of rehearsing; this was it. The big day.Our first performance was in The Slavery/ Maritime Museum. The audience was more mature than the other audiences we had performed to.  Since I love music I played on a keyboard in each performance. I was very nervous, but knew people would enjoy listening to me play. After performing at the museum we started performing in various youth clubs around Liverpool. A couple of the audience members at the youth clubs were a bit immature. They chatted and laughed through the performances but most of them were engrossed in the production. We were all happy at the end of the performances. We knew that if we could perform to talking, sniggering teens then we could definitely perform to anybody.We also performed in the Lantern Theatre which was really fun because after it we had a leaving party for one of our mentors Jeni (she’s moving to Italy for a year for a new teaching job). We all really loved Jeni. Most of us have known her since Love Hurts. For a lot of us; she’s given us a platform so we can do other things to do with performing. But of course this project wouldn’t be anything without my lovely mother Caroline. She arranged the project, and gave us all we needed to perform (eg. Monologues). My mum is the person that’s introduced me into the acting world.When I was in primary school it was my mum that ran the drama club and made the production which I and many other children performed in. After that my mum found out about a theatre company, so me and my cousin joined and performed in the pantomime, and then after that my mum got an email with information about an audition which took place in LIPA (which was for Love Hurts), then after that my mum made a new project which of course was Writing All Wrongs. So I’m pretty much used to performing in front of my mum.I’ve made so many friends from being in WAW. It has opened many doors and gave me more opportunities. I have gained A LOT of confidence and learnt many skills. I know that even though WAW has ended this is not the end of my acting career. Another project is going to be produced by my mum very soon. And even after that; I know that I’m not yet done with performing.I’d just like to say thank you SO MUCH to Jeni, who I hope has an amazing time in Italy, and loves her new job down there. You’ll be missed loads Jen. And I’d also like to say thank you SO MUCH to my mum, Caroline, who has given me the opportunity to perform. I couldn’t ask for a better mother to be honest.And thank you to the new friends that I have made from this project. You’ve all been amazing, and I love you all so much. Good luck to everybody I have thanked.