Hi, My name is Mark, and I’m a member of the acting team for The Street life foundation. I have been acting for quite a while, 10 year's now in fact, being involved in a number of drama school’s, films and productions. Recently I took part in the street life foundation performance of "Writing all Wrong's ". Going back to the start, we began with a close group of 10(ish) actor's/ actress's and began with the creative process. Writing all wrong's is based around the freedom writer's diary's and we were all give the diary's to learn as script's . for me , it was something I had never done before , actually learning and acting out a monologue that is actually someone's account on life . However, through the creative process, I designed a character, based around a stereotypical " scally / thug " and I built my own character around him. Even though when we were given our script's my monologue had actually nothing to do with a scally who's life had been terrible. so in fact, I went one step further and wrote my own , Titled " Dream's " . whenever I read the script I felt it , and for once I was acting a part that I felt , as I had practically given birth to him . The character i designed was called Alex, My middle name, and after week's of learning both my own devised piece and the real scripted piece i finally felt right with the part. We had a number of exciting but intense rehearsal sessions with our wonderful drama teacher, Jeni Anthony. Then the help of both Jeni and the wonderful Caroline ( founder of TSLF ) we had created an amazing theatrical piece of drama in less than 6 week's. We were privileged to find out that we had not 1 , not 2 , but around 6 performance along with filming the piece for a feature film .Our First performance , At the Slavery museum , Took place on wednesday the 13th june 2012 which was an amazing first performance even though we did have to tweek a few thing's for the ending , it went brilliantly. Our next performance took place , the next day on thursday the 14th june at Shrewsbury house youth club , also known as the Shewsy. The performance there was the one that brought us all together and that was the performance when we were all just on to it and we helped out each other. Then the next show was at Central Youth Club on thursday the 21st June what was also another brilliant performance. This time we got everything right , and everyone felt as though they mastered their characters and there lines , we have all got it right. But then we got something different . On Sunday the 24th June , we had a "final" performance at the Lantern theatre . ( even though we still have 2 more performance's left ). As this was our last one, we had a party at the end , to both congratulate the cast and everybody who helped out and to say good bye to our Jeni , as she has now left to teach in Italy . The sunday night was a really emotion night, even though I did not shed a single tear , it was still an emotional night . to follow the performance on the sunday we had 2 last show's one in the power house on the 25th of june and the next on the 26th june ( tuesday) which both were brilliant. The short time i had working with the Street Life Foundation was amazing and I cant wait for everybody to see the next amazing performance we have in store taking place in october/november.

Thank you to all the cast , Faye , alex , kirsty , saph , callum , zach , rebecca , jodie and best of all me .
And a huge thank you to the amazing Mrs Caroline Ihiekwe and Miss Jeni Anthony .