My name is Faye, I'm 15 years old, and I'm a member of the Street Life Foundation, Writing All Wrongs. Over the short time I was in there, I gained numerous skills and learned so many lessons that will stay with me for life. On top of all this I have had so much fun and have travelled to places that I've never been before. Some of the skills I have gained include: confidence skills- I used to think that when I act I look silly but thanks to Caroline and Jeni, I now know that the more I put myself into a certain character, the better I look. Social skills- I have always had good social skills but during the time I was there I learned not to judge a book by its cover and to be more open with people as I have made some truly amazing friends who I would like to keep for life, love you guys x. Acting skills (obviously)- Thanks to the amazing acting abilities of Jeni, I have gained so many more acting skills than when i entered the Street Life Foundation, thank you so much Jeni. Due to performing in various places, mostly youth clubs, I have learned that I cannot judge people by stereotypes, admittedly when i entered the youth clubs, my perception of the children match up to stereotypes and after talking to them, allthough some match up to the stereotype the majority of them do not. I realised how wrong I was to judge them and how wrong the stereotypes are. In my opinion, anyone who has anything against youth clubs and the people who go, should take a visit to some of the youth clubs i did and will be proven wrong; like i was. I have had the privelage of regularly visiting LIPA, rehersing in there and using some of their equipment as I would have not been able to do this without the help of Jeni. I love how close our 'Drama Family' are and how we are all behind eachother on the rare occasion that somebody messed up, nobody would moan and we would all just support eachother and encourage eachother to carry on. I have definately increased my acting abilities and have shocked myself on how close i can get to people over a short amount of time. I can't not mention KARLTON or CARLTON (don't know how to spell it) in this as he kept my mood happy during performances as he always had a big smile on his face when i would look at him during my performance and his face would encourage me, THANKS CARLTON/KARLTON, YOU'RE AMAZING. In conclusion to my blog, i would like to thank everybody mentioned in this as this foundation has genuinely helped me alot in my future career and abilities. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE EVERYONE INVOLVED IN THIS AND I HOPE ME AND MY DRAMA FAMILY CAN STAY IN CONTACT, LOVE FROM FAYE XXXXXXXX